Special Cooperator

Many professionals have been cooperating fully with Shitateya Jingoro brand and NIHONKIMONO CO.,LTD.

Allow us to introduce a few professionals below. 

Toshio Endou (遠藤 十士夫) (Chairman of purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency “Yorozuya Cooking Association”)

Chairman of  “Yorozuya Cooking Association(Royal Warrant Holder)”
Master of the Japanese cuisine research institute.
The Supreme Order of Merit of cuisine adviser of Sijyou-Tsukasa-Ke.

Born in 1940.
He started training as cook at 15 and became the chef of "Hirano" in 1967 in Tokyo, Yushima when he was 26.

In 1978, he became the chef of the Aoyama Club of The Industrial Bank of Japan and established Japan Cook Association Aoyama Club in 2000.

Kazutaka Nakamura(中村 一孝) (Representative Director of Takeman Co., Ltd.)

Representative Director of Takeman Co., Ltd. (Bamboo shoot manufacturing and sales company, Royal Warrant Holder)

Tsuchiya Takeshi(土屋 武司) (73th Load of Ashida Castle)

73th Load of Ashida Castle
He is descendant of Nobushige Yoda(also known as Nobushige Ashida)  who served Shingen Takeda and Tokugawa clan and bestowed the name of Matsudaira.
He still live in castle ruins.

Yoshimasa Kijima(木島 慶昌) (Representative Director of ACM Co., Ltd.)

The head of aqua R&D institute.
Representative Director of ACM(company for improvement of environment and water quality ) Co., Ltd.

William Reed (EMC Quest Co., Ltd. Representative Director)

Born in Missouri, USA.
Lecture, Presentation coach.
In 1972, he came to Japan as a student at Waseda University, and since then for over 40 years he has been active in Japan.
He appeared twice as a speaker of the world famous TEDx in Japan and Norway.
As a popular reporter of NHK World's Journeys in Japan (having 100 million viewers worldwide), he introduce various Japanese culture abroad in English.
He has a genius talent for martial artists and has been doing “Aikido” for 42 years.
He also has a teaching qualification in calligraphy, and has won a special selection and a grand prize at a calligraphy exhibition nationwide.
Moreover, he is active as a present international iCLA (Yamanashi Gakuen University International Liberal Arts Faculty) professor on a big international stage.
He collaborated with Shitateya Jingoro Kimono and designed “Samue”

Kenichi Watanabe(渡邉 賢一) (Executive Director of Genki Japan)

Executive Director of general incorporated association “Genki Japan”
Cabinet Secretariat Area Revitalization Missionary
Member of the Cool Japan Strategic Promotion Committee in 2015
Researcher of Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management Research Institute
Japan Gastronomy Society Producer
President and Representative Director, XPJP Corporation. Baggataway LLC composition writer
Samurai Lacrosse LLC Producer

Matsuda Toshiaki(松田 時明)

(Supreme Advisor of Nihonkimono Co.,Ltd.)

Supreme Advisor of Nihonkimono Co.,Ltd.
 He was a former national railway labor union chief and union officer, a Japanese labor union general councilor, Kyushu block youth consultative chairman.
"For the sake of the world, for people" has been the driving force behind the labor union organization in Japan.

Koichi Sato(佐藤 紘一) (Advisor, Nihonkimono Co., Ltd.)

He held an important post in the Oita prefecture public school, and the prefectural board of education committee.
He acted as national player of badminton and board member of prefectural association.
Moreover, he organized a consistent junior reinforcement guidance system and produced the best players from the Beijing Olympics Best 4 "Suemae", Satoko Suetsuna. Now, He work as an education chief in Oyama Town in Oita which is the forerunner of the "One-Village One-Product" campaign.

Yasushi Tarashima(田良島 靖) (former secretary general of Kagoshima Prefecture Veterinary Teacher Association)

Director general of Formula Feed Fund Associations in Kagoshima(2005~2010)
Public interest corporation Kagoshima prefecture livestock Secretary General of Livestock Hygiene Instruction Association (2010 - 2011)
Kagoshima Prefecture Veterinary Association Secretary General public interest corporation (2011 - 2013)

Michie Goto(後藤 通江)(Japan Ikebana Art Association Honored Special Member)

Flower arrangement artist
Former Oita branch chief of incorporated foundation “Ohara style”

After worked as a director, she was certificated as a honorary member of Japan Ikebana Art Association Princess Hitachi serve as a honorary president.

Kazuhisa Hiraishi(平石 和久) (Religious corporation Ohara Hachiman Shrine representative Shinto Shrine Gurdian)

Serve God as a Shinto priest families from ancient times.

In addition, he doubles as Junisho Shrine now.

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