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This 4-piece set includes a kimono, obi, obijime, and simple half-collar. This kimono is made using a unique manufacturing method that incorporates a patented curved stitching technique.You can easily wash the kimono at home. The kimono can be stored in a closet on hangers. The ribbon part of the obi can be arranged as you like.


Please note the following The pattern may vary depending on the product.

・The accessories used in the image are not included in the product.

・Shipping charges vary by region.

・Customers are responsible for customs duties.

・Obi and "obijime" will be selected by coordinator of the store, so may differ from the picture.

・The color and material of the products may differ slightly from the actual products due to the characteristics and settings of your computer monitor.

・Some of the products listed on this site are shared with products sold in stores.

・Please note that some items may be out of stock after you place an order even if "In Stock" is displayed.

・Returns and exchanges are not possible.

Kimono that anyone can easily wear alone.(はま矢-エンジ)


kimono:100% polyester

obi:100% polyester

Obijime:100% silk


※Obi and Obijime are not washable.

【About the care of the “Simple half-collar”】The pink belt will wear out faster if it is wetted, rubbed or wrung out, as the rubber will be damaged. The pink belt and collar core are removable. For care, hand wash only the collar fabric and back fabric. Wash by hand gently, then drain by placing the garment between towels, etc., and hang dry in the shade. Do not iron the pink belt and collar core.


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